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I am Nicholas Gulezian, and I am currently enrolled at DigiPen Institute of Technology pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science and Digital Audio.
When I started at DigiPen I had originally gone specifically with the interest in making games and joined the "Real-Time Interactive Simulation program".
After working on a couple of game projects and spending plenty of time coding, I realized I was very interested in what goes into audio.  I switched my degree after my first year, and have since been taking classes to help me further specialize in audio programming and implementation in addition to the normal CS classes.
I have experience in using the FMOD and Wwise programming API's, as well as implementing digital filters and synthesizers in C and C++.

You can learn all about my technical skills and projects in my resume and projects sections, so here
is a bit more about myself.  In my spare time I will absolutely still play games.  Working on games hasn't ruined playing them for me.  I also love to watch movies and shows of all sorts, and when I find extra time I like to work on my side projects.

Unless it's a special occasion, you'll find that I always wear shorts and a t-shirt year-round regardless of weather.  In addition to shorts and t-shirts, I have a high interest in collecting and wearing fun-socks.  They serve a great way for expression in contrast to my typical apparel.

Other than that I spend a lot of my time learning as much as I can about the things that I am interested in, and I find that I tend to have a mindset as stated in the following quote.

If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.” - Albert Einstein



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